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WordPress Guide

WordPress page break

Use the page break block if you’d like to add pagination to a page or post step by step. you’d like to split your page into multiple chapters, for instance. In order to add a page break block, click on the Block Inserter icon. You can also type /page break and hit enter in a new paragraph block to add one quickly.

  • Create a new WordPress page
  • and insert the relevant shortcode for the column or columns you want to add to a WordPress page.
  • .In order to add a page break block, click on the Block Inserter icon.(If you’re using HTML, add the code to the Text editor [code]<!–nextpage–>[/code])
  • Decide on the size of each column (usually a percentage of the page)
  • Add your content to each column.

Keyboard Shortcut to Add Page Break

You can also use a keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + P) to add Page Break.

How do I split a WordPress page into two?

WordPress Page Break

  1. Open your post or page in the Editor.
  2. Select a place in your content where you want to add a page break.
  3. Add the Page Break block using the Editor options.

WordPress page break step by step guide