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WordPress Guide

WordPress Guide

What is Ada in WordPress?

  1. Install an ADA Compliance Plugin
  2. Make Sure Content Is Readable
  3. Add ALT Text to Images
  4. Reconsider Third-Party Features
  5. Use Clear, Unique Calls-to-Action
  6. Check Your Site with the WAVE Browser Extension

Few Steps to Design an ADA Compliant Website

  1. Evaluate Your Current Site.
  2. Choose ADA Compliant Graphics.
  3. Add Alt Text and Readable Fonts.
  4. Make Website Features Logical.
  5. Code Your ADA Compliant Site with Standard HTML Tags.
  6. Make the Site Keyboard- and Pause-Friendly.
  7. Remain Up-to-Date on ADA Compliance Changes.

Website Accessibility Testing for ADA Compliance

WAVE Install an ADA Compliance Plugin

If you want to use WAVE, follow these steps:

  • Enter your website’s URL (or the page URL you want to test)
  • Click the arrow
  • View your results

Accessibility Suite install an ADA Compliance Plugin

  • Create an automatic scan schedule for site accessibility
  • Get easy-to-share reports that summarize the plugin’s findings
  • Store past accessibility scans to monitor progress and changes
  • View errors using different filters, including by page or object
  • Receive actionable steps for fixing accessibility issues
  • And more