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WordPress Guide

The title attribute is essentially the text that appears when you hover over the menu item, The Page Attributes meta box allows you to set page parents and templates, and to change the order of your pages.

Title Attribute in WordPress

  1. Go to Appearance
  2. Menus and click on the “Screen option” tab in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. This will open a menu here click on the check box next to title attribute option.
  4. Now click on any menu structure item.
  5. You will see a new field is added to it which is “Title attribute”.

How to Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation Menus

How to add title attribute in WordPress navigation menus. When you hover or mouse over a link or an image you usually see a little bit of extra information and I’ll show you how you can get that on your menu as well.

The first thing you want to do is head over to your dashboard from where you want to go to your appearance menus area select the menu that you want to work on I’ll be using this one and we need to go up to our screen options so that we can add the title attribute to show.

Once I select that I can close the screen options again and now you can come over here and expand the menu that you want to work on and add the title attribute there.

Keep going down the list of all the pages that you want to add that too and when you’ve finished click Save Menu. Now when I head over to my website I’m going to refresh the page and now when I hover over you see the title attribute come up on my mouse over.

How to Add Title Attribute to Images in WordPress

How to easily add a title attribute to images in WordPress To get started, just add the restore image title plugin to your site and then go to post editor to upload an image.

Once an image is uploaded we can use the title field to add the text we want for the site. Then we can insert the image in the post. Now you can mouse over the image and see the title like this. Note this plugin will not add title attributes to older images, only the new ones that you upload after activating.