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Rightmove – How To Find the Full Address of Any Resi Sales Property in Seconds

Hi, I want to share with you an absolutely top tip to get the full address of any Resi-Sales property that’s on the market on Rightmove You don’t need to be a member of Rightmove.

You don’t need to be on Rightmove Plus all publicly available .. so what you do is this you go on to Rightmove and choose the property that you want the resi full address for You then scroll down the photographs and where those little bars are you click on the word MARKET INFO.

As you can see on the screen now If the property has sold since 1995 you will notice the date that this property sold and the price So you write those down.

Next, you then go on to HOUSE PRICES (main RM Navigation Bar) again on the public site on Rightmove and click on these buttons here as you can see on the screen, and type in the street that the property is on. Once you’ve done that click on LIST VIEW and you’ll see every single property that’s sold on that street and you’ll notice that they’re all in date order.

So you scroll down to the date that the property that you wrote down and just cross-reference the date and the price and hey presto there is your full address.

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How To Find Cheap Houses For Sale In The UK [Property Investment UK Tips]

Let’s talk about how to find cheap houses for sale in the UK so that you can potentially nail down an awesome investment property deal this week.

I teach people how to build a small property portfolio that generates a great income for them so they can give up the day job if they wish because they’re now financially free. If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to the channel and click that bell notification icon so that you don’t miss out on any of the free content that I give you each and every week. So today, I wanna talk about how to find cheap houses for sale using both online and indeed offline methods.

And so let’s start right off with a couple of online search techniques that really can help you uncover some potentially cheap houses. So if you go to Rightmove or indeed Zoopla as an example, after you’ve set in your criteria for the type of property that you’re looking for, sort by the lowest price first. This really can throw up some potentially great deals that you might otherwise have missed.

And if you’re using Zoopla, you can also sort by most reduced, which really can highlight some fantastic opportunities, some fantastic properties that have maybe really stepped down in price. Sort by oldest listed first of all. Why does that help you? Well, because sometimes these owners can be, let’s be honest, a little bit despondent with the amount of interest that they’ve got.

Maybe they thought they were gonna put their property in the market, and it would be snapped up straight away, but this hasn’t happened. And so now maybe they’ve got to a point where they’re really open to doing maybe a creative deal, maybe just giving a really good discount off of the purchase price.

Obviously, your job is to connect with those people and then put a good offer in front of them. Set up automatic alerts for your criteria, and when you’re doing this, make sure that you set the price that you’re willing to pay quite low. That way when something is thrown up that meets your criteria, well you’re gonna go and have a little look at that, aren’t you? Gumtree can be a great source for online deals, and often the advertisers are the owners themselves.

Now what that means is that when you pick up the phone and speak to that advertiser, you’re talking to the owner of the property. So obviously that gives you a great opportunity to negotiate a deal without, dare I say it, an estate agent may be looking over your shoulder.

Never overlook commercial agents, as these can often have odd and quirky deals. And if you go online, go onto those websites, search for commercial estate agents in your area, I bet you can find one or two with interesting little properties that could potentially make a cheap house or two or three or indeed flats, for example. Look for DIY advertisers. This is a great tip. And by this I mean these are usually gonna be the owners themselves that are actually advertising those properties. You can usually tell because there are one or two or three or four different companies out there that are kinda geared towards the owner selling the property themselves. Off the top of my head, I can think of Express Estate Agency or maybe Purplebricks or something like that.

Usually, that’s the owner that’s gonna have placed that advert, but there are a few others as well that slip my mind just for a moment. But if you go and speak to those people, well the chances are, the person that shows you around the property is of course gonna be the owner of that property.

Does that give you a great opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea and negotiate a really good deal with them? I’d suggest it might.

So how can you find cheap houses for sale offline? Well, you should be connecting with sources in your investment area. So go onto Facebook, have a little look on Facebook, I bet you find one or two or three sources that could maybe help you find cheap houses in your investment area. Go to networking events. I always say it, but arrive early.

This is because I used to host an event for six years. (laughing) And the people I cared about were the people that arrived early and kinda helped me out. They were the people I wanted to have a chat with. And stay late because never forget deals happen in the bar. Always keep some handwritten, or they look like handwritten, leaflets in your car. So when you’re out and about and you find an amazing potential property, you’ve got a leaflet. Again it looks like it’s handwritten, and you can go and put that through the letterbox.

So that maybe they’re not gonna sell today, but maybe in a little while down the line, they may well be picking up the phone and giving you a call. And of course, when they do so, you can negotiate a potentially great deal with them. There’s a tonne of ways that you can find off-market deals, which means you can find some great discounts by dealing directly with the seller because again, dare I will be so bold as to say, the estate agent isn’t there looking over your shoulder.

And certainly, in my online property masterclass, I cover a load of different marketing strategies that we won’t have time to go into here but can help you get directly in front of the seller. Auctions can unearth some really cheap houses for sale, but please do your due diligence, and I would also strongly suggest you’ve gotta actually connect with and speak to your solicitor and put the information pack under his or her nose before you ever bid on any property. And lastly, please walk your area.

There are so many deals out there that are within a mile’s walking distance from where you are, you just haven’t spotted them yet because you haven’t walked your area. So just a few quick additional thoughts here just to help you if I may.

You need to look at a lot of houses, and you need to make a lot of offers. If you do that, honestly, you will make, if you make a lot of cheeky offers, you will pull up some incredible deals if those offers are a little bit cheeky. And talking about this, please don’t be afraid to negotiate strongly. Yes, yes, I always want this to work well for the seller, but this has to be a deal for you.

You’re a property investor, so this has to be a great deal for you. So don’t be too afraid to put in some really quiet cheeky offers. Always be on the lookout for a rundown, knackered (laughing) houses. There are so many of them out there.

You should be looking for these places that are really rundown because it can be potentially great cheap houses. And lastly, can I just say, sometimes the price a property is actually advertised for makes it already an absolutely fantastic deal, and the more properties that you go and see, the quicker that you will recognize that fantastic deal when it actually crops up.

How To Use Zoopla And Rightmove To Find Deals – Property Investing

How do you find the best deals on Rightmove and Zoopla? Today I’m gonna show you all the tips and tricks of finding the best property deals. Welcome to “Property Investing”,

So hit the Subscribe button if you haven’t already. So the first thing that so, when I’m property investing and when I’m looking for deals, I like to get deals off-market, but if there’s no deals off-market or if I’m struggling I go to good old Rightmove and Zoopla.

So Rightmove and Zoopla are what all estate agents use to advertise properties on, but this means the estate agent’s been to the property, valued it and usually, it’s on with an estate agent, which can sometimes cause a few little issues when you’re investing.

Nothing you can’t get past but you just need to know that. So I wanna show you today how to use Rightmove and Zoopla and which are the best bits, ’cause you don’t need to know how to use all of Rightmove, all of Zoopla, you just need to know what’s the fastest, quickest, easiest bits for you to use. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start off with Zoopla.

Now, the reason I start off with Zoopla is ’cause Zoopla’s got a feature on it, where you can find the most reduced properties. Now, the aim of the game of finding deals is we want to find properties below market value. So that’s below the current market value, the street value.

We wanna buy properties under that because what we want to do is we want to do something called buy, refurb, and refinance, we wanna pull all our money out of the deal, but to do that, we need to buy it below market value. Now, the quickest way to find that is houses that have been reduced, because when you’ve got a seller reducing their house, they’re a motivated seller.

They want to move fast, they want to sell quickly. So Rightmove doesn’t have this feature but Zoopla does. So all I’m gonna do is if I can spell it right, is going to zoopla.co.uk. You’re gonna be looking at, For Sale properties. So I’m gonna stick with the area that I know because for finding good deals you really need to have a little bit of knowledge about the area or you need to have someone you can ring that knows about the area. But I live in Doncaster, I know about Doncaster, so that’s where I’m gonna start off with.

So all I do is in Sale, I put Doncaster. Now in the Advanced Search Options, and I want to sort by Most Reduced. I wanna pull up the houses that have been reduced ’cause this is the best way I’m gonna find the deal. So if I just click, so all I’ve done is Doncaster, I’ve got no other parameters and Most Reduced, now, I’m gonna pull it up. Now, we’re gonna pull big houses and small houses.

So it depends on what your budget is and how much you want to buy, pay for the property. I sometimes I’ll buy 50, 60, 70 grand houses because that’s an easier lump of money to use. Sometimes I’ll do more expensive, so it just depends on what I’m looking for.

We now got a percentage on Zoopla saying, “Down by 42.9% reduced.” So we can see what’s been reduced in the area. So let’s find one that’s not an online auction. Here we go. We’ve got one in Doncaster Town Moor, it’s been reduced by 25%, and it’s down at 120.

So let’s just click on this. Now, what I’m looking at is I’m looking at the pictures. So I’m looking at what work it needs to do. So the garden has been left to grow, and it’s empty. So empty is a good sign. So when houses are empty, typically, the seller isn’t getting any money for them or any use out of them. They’re not living there, and they’re not getting any rent for the property.

So empty houses are quite a good one to do, you can negotiate, ’cause at the minute, the seller’s in pain, nothing’s happening with that house. They’re not having to get it, yet they’re still having to pay potentially, mortgage and council tax. That looks like a good solid house, first look at. EPC Grade E. So what does that tell us? That some improvements might need to be made.

And currently, they’re okay renting it out on an EPC Grade of E, but when legislation moves next year, they won’t be able to rent it out. So it’s gonna need improving, so we know that. So if I go down, and I can see the history of it. So it was first put on, so the 27th of September it was put on, so wow.

This was first listed in 2019 for 160,000, in July. Then in August, it was reduced to 150. September, it’s been reduced by 140. October, it’s been reduced to 135. And now the fifth of November, it’s been reduced again back to 120,000. Now, it also tells us this was last sold on the 31st of May, 2000 for 53,000. Look at that increase in price. So unless the vendors remortgaged we’ve got some time he’s got money in there and we’ve got, that means we can negotiate with him.

So if I just go up to the top, what we want is I want the postcode of this property, ’cause what I’m gonna do now is I want to head over to Rightmove and have a really good look at what’s happening. And I prefer Rightmove to do it ’cause you can get market stats on Zoopla, and you get the property sold nearby, but I just like it easier on Rightmove and I like to see what information’s on Rightmove.

Your EPC, sometimes the EPC has a postcode but this one doesn’t. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna Google the postcode for Goldsborough Road, Town Moor. Put Doncaster in, Put Doncaster in, just to make sure, there we go DN2 6DG. So I can go on Rightmove and I can pull the property up much faster than if I was just searching. Let’s have a look. Here it is.

So we can see it on Rightmove now. So I’m just checking if there’s any other information that wasn’t on Zoopla, because estate agents have systems what they advertise, so they have a system that runs their estate agency. And that pushes the information to Rightmove and Zoopla, but sometimes that system doesn’t push the exact same information to Rightmove and Zoopla. I don’t know why I think it might be the connections to do with that. So sometimes you might get slightly different information.

So what I’m gonna go on here now is Property Sold Nearby, I’m gonna view more. Now, this is what I like about Rightmove because you can see the properties that have been sold and you can see the pictures. So it’s more clearer than when you’re using Zoopla Market Stats, ’cause Zoopla Market Stats will give you a list, but you can’t see pictures and you can’t get a full feel of what’s going on.

Okay, sometimes from that. So now I know it’s number 21 Goldsborough Road. So I’m gonna write that down, 21 Goldsborough Road. And it’s important that you know the full address. So that’s one of the ways to do it. Now, they’re wanting 120,000 for it. So to know if it’s a good deal, I need to see what’s been sold in the area, ’cause when you’re doing below market value properties, you need to be sure that you’re gonna get the end valuation. So when I buy a property and refurb it, I need to be sure that the value is gonna come out and give me the value I want when I’ve got it up to market value. So that’s how you make your money in below-market value deals.

So I’m having a look on here. Now, our property is a three-bed semi-detached house. So I’m only looking at three-bed semi-detached houses. So I’ve got a four-bed here that was sold last June for 177,500. Wow, four-bed. I’ve got a three-bed that was sold on the 1st of December. And that was sold for 128,000. So that’s our nearest comparable, most recent 2017.

So it is nearly two years old. So let’s just have a look at the pictures of here. What condition was this sold in? So this was sold in Dec. and pretty nice, it looks like it’s had a bit of a refurb and a bit of an uplift. We can see it there, lovely. So pretty much, ours needs more work but pretty much. So two years ago, one sold on the street for 128,000. They want 120,000 for ours, and they’re reducing it. But we have had a four-bed sold. So I’m just gonna have a quick look at the four-bed.

So it looks like it’s a nice corner plot. Oh, lovely. I’m not that keen on the decoration, but there you go. And we know so that sold for 177,500. So I kinda think in a done-up way, mine will probably sell maybe 135, 145, and that’s what I will typically be aiming to get the value you were to give me, 135, 145. So I’ll put that 135 to 145. And they have tried selling it.

Now, you can see on Rightmove the road here. So sometimes I like to have a look in the other roads and see. So what I would normally do is see what was sold on the street and how much it was sold for and try and get an estimate of what I think mine might be valued at in a done-up condition. And then, I like to have a look around the streets as well. So we haven’t got that much time in this episode. But if you’re doing this, I would have a look around the streets around the areas and just get a really good feel for what properties are selling at. Pay attention to the condition.

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. So I couldn’t compare, I couldn’t compare the fact that a four-bed to a three-bed ’cause it’s not the same, and a corner plot to a, just a semi-detached, normal situated house. So just compare apples to apples. Look at the dates. And then, valuation is a bit, there’s no right or wrong with it, you just have to go with what you really feel.

Now, I’ve been an estate agent for quite a long time. So I kinda get the hang of valuations, but that will come in time when you’re looking at it. So we’ve got this property, and we know what we think it’s gonna sell for. And if I go back to the property listing, it’s got conservatory, it’s saying it’s got two reception rooms, it’s got an attic room, we know it’s gonna need work with the EPC.

So, the other thing that you probably want to look out for Rightmove is you wanna pull the full brochure ’cause again, there might be more details in the full brochure that you don’t know. And sometimes what I do is when I go to the viewing, I’ll print the brochure out, and then I’ve got my calculations then I’m all ready to go. So looking at the pictures, this is gonna need some work, and it’s definitely gonna need some work on its heating system. So that’s what we would challenge it with viewing.

So that’s how I typically find deals. I go on Zoopla, I look at Most Reduced, and then I find the property on Rightmove, and I try and get what the market value will be, and then after I have a look in my head Will it make financial sense Will it make financial self as a below market value property for me? So the other really useful tip that I use Rightmove for, is I draw a search area.

So I think actually, I quite like this area. I like the house but is there any other houses I might be able to buy in this area? And this is particularly good for those investors that like to keep their investments together. I sort of spread my investment it’s because I like to spread the risk, but if you’ve already bought on a street and you’ve got a good valuation from that street, you know that other houses on that street are good, so you can draw a search area. Not only can you draw a search area, but you can also set up Rightmove to give you alerts when anything in that search area comes up.

For example, I recently bought a property in Rotherham. I know I get the valuation for it ’cause I’ve bought the property, done it up, got it valued, got the money out of it. So I know it’s a good place to buy and the value, as well value high. So I’ve drawn a search area and I get alerted anytime that this comes in. So I’m just gonna go on Define My Area. So I’m gonna say I want to be told of any houses in this area that might be coming up. There we go. So I can view properties or I can save my area.

So what you would normally do is you would save the area because you want alerts to come, but I’m just gonna view the properties. Now, you can see there’s Goldsborough Road, and there’s the property we’ve been looking at. You can see there’s a house over here for sale. So if I click on it, it’ll come up.

So look at this, three-bedroom semi-detached, 150,000 for the same three-bed that’s going on our Goldsborough street here. It’s three-bed semi-detached. This is a fully refurbished look. So this is what they’re trying to get 150,000 for it. So that’s good.

Not only are we looking at our property, but thinking if I just wanted not to do any refurb, I wanted a hands free quick, nice, tidy house, that’s it. I’ve also got some stuff here in Glamis Road. So I’ve got a property that needs doing up. Look 109,950, so that might be one I want to go and pursue. Let’s have a click over here. And I’ve got a three-bed terraced house in Strathmore.

So I’m starting to get to know the area. Now, I’m from Doncaster, so I know this area. But if you don’t know your area, you really need to make sure you do, because Goldsborough Road might be a certain type of street but down the road and around the corner it might be lots of houses for sale because it’s a bit of a rough street, And that’s fine if you’re doing the rent to buy strategy, but not if you’re doing a normal tenanted investment. but not if you’re doing a normal tenanted investment.

But that’s the best way to find below market value deals using Rightmove and Zoopla. Next week, we’re gonna be looking at how you phone an agent. So you found the deal on Rightmove and Zoopla, how do you now go about talking to the agent, and booking the viewing.

How to list your property on Rightmove & Zoopla – The Best Cheaper Way