C programming tutorial

C programming tutorial

In 1970 a programmer, Dennis Ritchie, created a new language called C.

The name came about because it superseded the old programming language he was using: B.
C was designed with one goal in mind: writing operating systems.
The language was extremely simple and flexible and soon was used for many different types of programs.
It quickly became one of the most popular programming languages in the world.
Features of C
Fast and Efficient
Programs written in C are efficient and fast. This is due to its variety of data types and powerful operators.

C is highly portable. This means that programs once are written can be run on other machines with little or no modification.

Function and Rich Libraries
C program is basically a collection of functions that are supported by C library. We can also create our own functions and add it to the C library.

Modular programming is a software design technique that increases the extent to which software is composed of separate parts, called modules.

Easy to Extend
In C, New feature can be added at any time by the programmer.

Case Sensitive
It is a case sensitive language, that it can differentiate the character is upper case or lower case.