html image not showing

  1. Just go the image location on your drive
  2. select the image
  3. open it using your favourite browser
  4. go to url bar
  5. copy the location from the url bar
  6. use it in img src=(paste over here)
  7. It will look something like this
  8. <img src=”assets/my-photo.png” alt=”profile picture” height=”300″ width=”500″>

Why is an image not showing in HTML

  • 1. Incorrect File Paths
  • 2. Files Names Misspelled
  • 3. Wrong File Extensions
  • 4. Missing Files
  • 5. The Website Hosting the Images Is Down
  • 6. Transfer Problems
  • 7. Database Problems
  • 8. If your image is a .jpg file, but your HTML is looking for a .png

img src tag not displaying image

Fixed problem, I redirected the path to my assets folder which is where the images folder is,

<img src="assets/my-photo.png">

And it worked. Don’t really know why though!

Image is not showing in browser?

I find out the way how to set the image path just remove the "/" before the destination folder as "images/66.jpg" not "/images/66.jpg" And its working fine for me.

HTML Image not displaying, while the src url works

Your file needs to be located inside your www directory. For example, if you’re using a wamp server on Windows, j3evn.jpg should be located,


and you can access it in HTML via

<img class="sealImage" alt="Image of Seal" src="../img/j3evn.jpg">

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