Minecraft Free Download



How to make a Minecraft server on Aternos a low-tier server forever and totally free.

first of all, you have to go in your browser whatever you use I use google chrome you have to write here Aternos so Aternos Minecraft servers are free forever you have to go here so you’re greeted with this page just click on play okay.

So now you have to go to sign up you can also sign with google or sign with Facebook whatever you want I’m just going to use it okay here you have to put your username I’m just going to put anything free to terms and of services I agree my personal data is stored and processed according to the privacy policy click next.

So you can also sign with google to type your password repeat your password and you email it so I’m trying to put that in really quick so now you have to sign up and sometimes it doesn’t work.

So it doesn’t work here you can just try a little later or you can just try with google or anything else okay so now this page you can just create a server and guys if you are using Tlauncher I personally use that or anything else is free and if you’re using the real Minecraft the page one you can I will tell you in the later what you have to do for the paid Minecraft version and the free and or whatever you use but it’s not paid.

So you just create java additional bedrock and you can change that later as well okay so now you have to go to the options right here okay so now you can change this part.

So this is your game mode whitelist PVP fly okay so crap you have to see him if you’re using Tlauncher or anything that’s not paid it’s free cracked so you have to turn on crash so it’s online mode equals false if using the paid version just leave it to the x online mode too.

So animal villages these are all your options and you can also go to software and I’m using vanilla that’s vanilla and you can use for plugins I personally I use a world item and stuff spigot you can just go here and you also fold fabric everything forge is quite good as well so you have to go to spigot / buckite okay you should choose a version 1.6.5 the latest.

So you click on install and when you install it it’s refreshing and after refreshing you’ll see a plugins option here and if you like do a forge it will say it will say here mods because forge is used for modes these are the most famous one spigot so that book it and food so we’ll go for booklet you want to download plugins you can arrow download like this one.

So now you have to just go on your files and go to plugins this is quite an important checker sometimes it doesn’t install so okay we have world added book it here okay so now you can also go to players okay so now you can ban ips band player whitelist and ops so this is a popular one that people use it personally I know that people use op the most it so you just have to go to Opie.

You just have to like your username here like for example I put gaming from live sometimes it works if the username is correct so add okay so this is actually the right one I’m just saved so now you hope you can do slash game mode you can do like an equator with this like cheats one.

So let’s go back to the server that’s offline now you have it to see your version 1.6.5 and sort of spit it okay so you can just start here I yes I accept the ElUE takes a little bit time and the cue can be long short it matters where you live if you live in Asia it should be something long sometimes sure i don’t know why it’s not starting okay guys after you press on start it will just say key or preparing or anything uh then you just have to open your Minecraft for the IP this is my IP copy and paste so that’s really easy.