C++ Tutorials

C++ Tutorials

Should I Learn C++ or C#

Do you know why C# is better than C++? Some people would say it is because C sharp has the dot-net framework. Frameworks tend to improve efficiency. Efficiency is great with Java because of all the code libraries floating around on the internet.

C# uses the Microsoft dot-net framework. And C# lets you use web forms or the model-view-controller framework to build websites and web services on MS Servers. Moving away from Microsoft’s Web Forms is a major selling point.

MVC is such a major advancement that it is standard for everything from Java to JavaScript. It sounds like wouldn’t consider interoperability with Microsoft a major selling point.

Around twenty percent of all personal computers still use Windows XP. And a whole lot of corporate servers still use Windows server software. And those companies pay you a lot if you can use C# instead of ASP.net. ASP.net is so obsolete that the ASP language itself isn’t used.

At least Fortran is still running on NASA servers somewhere, while forty-year-old Lisp found new life animating zombie chatbots. Since C# is based on C, you can use it to program everything from enterprise-wide applications delivered through a Sharepoint portal to desktop applications. Most of the C# libraries are written in C.

C was one of the first major programming languages, and it is still big today. You can write anything from operating system files to device drivers to games in it. Theoretically, you could do all of that except the device drivers in Java. C# is close to Java.

I could say Latin is close to Italian, but learning Latin doesn’t mean I could walk around on a Roman holiday and casually chat people up. Learning C gives you a good basis in C++ or C#, regardless of whether or not you want to work on the Microsoft platform. So C# is universal. Pretty much. It can even deliver web-based apps to iOS PCs that were written in Objective C.

C# vs C++

ProceduralSupports object-orientedSupports object-oriented
Lowest level of abstractionLow level of abstractionHigh level of abstraction
Manual memory managementManual memory managementGarbage collection
Very lightweight, compiledLightweight, compiledLarger binaries & overhead
Fast, top-notch performanceComparable to CStandard performance
Can code for any platformCan code for any platformTargeted toward Windows OS

C# vs C++ Performance

PerformanceC++ is widely used when higher-level languages are not efficient. C++ code is much faster than C# code, which makes it a better solution for applications where performance is important.

C++ is faster, in many cases. But this is only part of the answer. The cases where C++ is actually faster, are highly optimized programs, where expert programmers thoroughly optimized the hell out of the code. This is not only very time consuming (and thus expensive), but also commonly leads to errors due to over-optimizations.

C vs C# For Games

Learn C++ or should you learn C sharp eye or C++ book I mean should you learn C++ or I don’t know C sharp to consider an emergency Asia I want to run C shop but really I’m really very busy in my new project.

So I just grew Hey what I was saying if most of the video games I’m a C++ is a king of the programming language I mean it’s not only king of a programming language it is our I mean you ox which is the best game programming language C++ but you have to decide are you going to build a game for like concerts C++ or.

You want to build games like for Android web or you want to publish your game as an indie developer you’re to learn the programming language and then you have to build a game on the Unity engine c-sharp I mean go with C sharp.

I will say start with C char much better there’s some limitation to C sharp amount of memory I don’t want to go to technique utility but want to build our next color Beauty C++ if not go to see you shop and a ski shop is much easier to learn not only that I mean you can if for example you build that game and then you decide game to admin is not for you.

You can just go to like the dotnet framework I mean there’s Apple dotnet framework I mean you can become a web developer most other Institute love Sarah no C shop dotnet framework I mean my personal opinion learnt c-sharp it will be easier to learn it if you don’t know c-sharp was the answer to Java.

I said C cluster as the king of the programming language but how to say I mean Java and C++ always has some where library or me I personally like Java my wife loved C++.

I mean Java do not have any memory problem I stay away from memory problem membrane leakage problem of C++ but to answer I mean the limitation of C++ and then the new programming language courtesy shop which is like PHP Java or JSP was a Java server page I mean C sharp is good for the game to Alamut 2d game development.

You can create 3d game by using a Unity engine if you don’t know what I’m saying you can check out my introduction to program programming and then game to element lecture which will give you details personally I would say abaya head first a c-sharp.

C++ vs Java

Is C++ harder than Java? Java is better for beginners, even kids. While I’m starting young, I’m not that young. Let’s just say Java is more likely to be taught to kids in the App Club at school than C++. Though all their phones are running C.

Most of them will be Objective C on the iPhone, but even the Android and Windows phones have apps in Java. If kids can pick it up, I’d agree Java is easier. But Object Oriented Programming in general is hard.

Java has better documentation and is easier to figure out what the code is supposed to do when you read over someone else’s. Java has better libraries than C++, so you’re more likely to find a code module that already does what you need to do instead of re-writing the color wheel. You mean reinventing the wheel.

Well, what’s the programming version of that statement, if not what I just said? Java code is more easily reused. Recycling is good, both for the environment and your schedule. Which language is more widely used? Which one could get me a job?

Java and C++ are both widely used. Java is the definite winner if you need to do web projects, while both are about as good when it comes to large projects. Java gets higher marks in polls as being a passing fad. Only because C has been around decades.

C++ is a newer, sublanguage. They say Java is easier to rewrite, both rewriting in Java and re-writing in another language. Then you know you can write it in Java and re-write it later in C++ when you master that language.

I really wish I’d had the chance to learn Java in high school.

C vs C++

Why Objective C is Better than C++

Do you know why Objective-C is better than C++? Ask any Apple fanatic, and they’ll tell you it is because of Apple. I’m talking about the programming language. So am I. If you program in Objective C, you are writing code for the iOS.

The iOS is specific to Apple. And Objective C is pretty much used just by the iPhone, though some of those apps end up on the iPad. I’ve heard there were technical reasons Objective C was better than C++, not religious ones.

Oh, avoiding the cult of Apple, are we? Well, Objective C is a pure object oriented language. Why would you consider object oriented languages better? Code re-use, which enables much higher levels of productivity once you have code to re-use. I can find massive Java code libraries online, but not for Objective C.

Given the size of the Apple Appstore, I’m sure they exist. You may just have to join the Apple cult to be allowed to see the sacred stores of programmer knowledge. I’ve heard that Objective C is somehow easier to learn, though it isn’t like I can copy off the code and read it to learn about it from the websites I visit like Java applets or Javascript scripts.

Objective C is a subset of the massive C language. It is easier to learn just because it is smaller than C’s vocabulary, so to speak. What about relative to C++? Yes, it has a smaller set of commands you can use. And since Apple enforces a certain logic on apps allowed on its system, you get a lot of consistency.

Apple is supposed to be the bastion of creativity. Not when it comes to coding. And having consistent ways of issuing commands and calling variables makes it easier to learn a language. There are not a lot of resources for learning Objective C.

But there are a lot of classes teaching would be Apple programmers to program in Objective C, as well as a ton of books. Whereas you’d have a hard time finding resources even online to learn about C++.

C# vs Python

Should I learn C++ or Python? C++ has the benefit of being one of the C languages, which are used darn near everywhere. Objective C is used on the iOS hardware. That’s still a variation of C. Python gets used on a lot of web servers. That’s because it has tons of modules to handle web hosting and it is free.

C++ is called a low level language, but I’ve heard it is really hard to learn. It is older, with a more complex syntax and a lot of functions to learn. Newer languages tend to be designed to be streamlined. C++ code is considered more work to write.

Then again, after three decades, there is probably already a code module in a library somewhere for almost anything you want to do. Python is more amenable to casual scripting. Or you could use it embedded in a larger application, where it is simpler to use than C++. C++ tends to lead to accidental complexity because it is so verbose.

Then again, you can use it for an embedded hardware platform, which Python can’t. That’s because C++ is better for controlling the hardware of a machine like memory allocations, video card functions and CPU usage. Actually, I think it is designed for that.

That is something to be said for a language where 90% plus say it is easy to shoot yourself in the foot. It is hard because it is literally down in the weeds. Down in the routers and drivers and machine piece parts. I don’t know if I can do that. Or you could opt to learn Cython.

That’s a C – Python hybrid. There’s hard, and then there is crazy. If you want to manage web servers, learn Python. To write everything from drivers to OS to software for servers, learn C++.

C# vs Java

Should I learn Java or C#? Learn C# for working with Visual Studio and the Microsoft OS. C# links better with Windows than Java. I’ve heard that C# was made to work with Microsoft SQL server.

If you know C#, you’ll be able to work with .net and Windows Presentation Foundation for creating graphical user interfaces. I’ve heard too many people say WTF when working with WPF to consider it a good GUI. You could learn just C and C++, which gives you a good programming skills foundation whether you move on to C# or Python. The strength of C# is its generics and closures.

Can you just give my question closure? You could learn Java or C# and have a job for the next ten years. Java is so simple it is taught in many high schools. That’s why I’m wondering if I should learn it. I really respect the state representative who suggested replacing the foreign language requirement in high school with a programming language. The kids are way more likely to use Java than French.

They’re less likely to mess up their lives getting a head start in programming as a STEM career, instead of getting laughed at trying to pick girls up using fumbling French. C# is OK to use as a starting programming language.

Just realize how much Visual Studio does for you and can mess you up. Those are the IDE tools. And those tools should be reserved for the master craftsmen.

So I’ll learn C#. You should learn C# and another C language to get a good foundation. You can learn Java or JavaScript later. You make it sound like I have to learn both. Which one is better for my career long term? Good programmers are technically multi-lingual – and I’m not talking about Spanish, French or Latin.

At least either language would be better on my resume. Except Spanish, maybe. You’d like to have better prospects than being able to manage the night shift stockers at Walmart.