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How to Create a Free Minecraft Server

  • Step 1: Open aternos.org in your browser.
  • Step 2: Create your server & account (create your server) (continue) (register)
  • Step 3: Start your server (starts …)
  • Step 4: Enter your server Done. Have fun!

How to Connect to your Minecraft server

  • Step1: Use your IP if it does not work
  • Step 2: Use your ” DynIP ” This is it. have fun!

How to Install mods on your Minecraft server

  • Step 1: Install Forge on your server
  • Step 2: Install a mod on your server Here you can see all the installed mods
  • Step 3: Install dependencies on your server
  • Step 4: Install Forge on your computer.
  • Step 5: Install mods on your computer
  • Step 6: Start Forge on your computer
  • Step 7: Start Forge on your server
  • Step 8: Connect to your server Done! Have fun playing!

How to Use a resource pack on your Minecraft server

  • Step 1: Post the resource pack on DropBox
  • Step 2: Create a sharing link
  • Step 3: Put the resource pack in the options Activate the download by changing the 0 to 1 in the DONE URL at the end. Enjoy yourselves

How to Use backups for your Minecraft server

  • Step 1: Connect your Google account
  • Step 2: Configure automatic backups Enable or disable automatic backups Choose the amount of automatic backups to keep Old automatic backups will be deleted when creating a new automatic backup.
  • Step 3: Create a backup
  • Step 4: restore a backup Please note:all your files will be deleted
  • Step 5: delete a backup Step 6: Disconnect your Google account ok Have fun

How to Create a file on your Minecraft server

  • Step 1: Create a file filename
  • Step 2: Edit and save a file You can write anything you want! 🙂
  • Step 3: Delete a Done file. Have fun!

How to Change your server Minecraft IP

  • Go to the “Options” of your server.
  • Click on the “pencil” icon, the one on the same line where the IP is located.
  • Write a new IP for your server.
  • Click on Save. Ended. Have fun !

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