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JavaScript Complete Tutorial

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JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language. JavaScript is the programming language of the Web. NedCod maintains a complete JavaScript reference, including all HTML and browser objects. The reference contains examples for all properties, methods and events, and is continuously updated according to the latest web standards.

JavaScript Beginning to Mastery Syllabus

JavaScript vs EcmaScript

Install vscode and run first program

Basics of Programming in JavaScript

Hello world program

Declare variable using var

More about variable



String Indexing

Useful string methods

Template Strings

Null, undefined, BigInt, typeof

Booleans and Comparison Operator

Truthy and Falsy Values

If else statement

Ternary Operator

&& || operator

Nested if else

If elseif else

Switch statement

While loop

While loop examples

For loop

For loop examples

Break and continue keyword

Do while loop

Arrays in JavaScript

Intro to arrays

Push pop shift unshift

Primitive vs reference data types

Clone array & spread operator

For loop

use const for creating arrays

While loop in array

For of loop

For in loop

Array destructuring

Objects in JavaScript

Intro to objects

Dot vs Bracket Notation

Iterate objects

Computed properties

Spread operator in objects

Object Destructuring

Objects inside Array

Nested Destructuring

Functions in JavaScript

Function declaration

Function Expression

Arrow Functions

Function declarations are hoisted (covered in great detail , later in this course)

Function inside function

Lexical Scope

Block Scope Vs Function Scope

Default Parameters

Rest Parameters

Parameter Destructuring

Very brief intro to callback functions(covered in great detail , later in the course)

Functions returning Functions

Very Important Array Methods

Foreach method

Map method







Fill method

Splice method

More useful things





Optional chaining

Object Oriented JavaScript / Prototypal Inheritance


This keyword, Window object

Call , apply and bind method

Some warnings

This inside arrow functions

Short syntax for methods

First solution to that problem

Why that solution isn’t that great

What is proto , [[prototype]]

What is prototype

Use prototype

New keyword

Constructor function with new keyword

More discussion about proto and prototype

Class keyword

Example using class keyword

Super keyword

Method overriding

Getters and setters

Static methods and properties

How JavaScript Works

Global Execution context

This and window in global execution context


Are let and const are hoisted ? What is a reference Error ?

Function execution context

Scope chain and lexical environment

Intro to closures

Closure example 1

Closure Example 2

Closure Example 3

DOM Tutorial

HTML and CSS Crash course ( Around 30-40 minutes)

Async vs defer

Select elements using id


textContent & innerText

Change the styles of elements using js

Get and set attributes

Select multiple elements and loop through them


Deeply understand dom tree, root node , element nodes, text nodes


Add new elements to page

Create elements

Insert adjacent elements

Clone nodes

More methods to add elements on page

How to get the dimensions of the element

Intro to events

This keyword inside eventListener callback

Add events on multiple elements

Event object

How event listener works

Practice with events

Create demo project

More events

Event bubbling

Event Capturing

Event delegation

Create Project using event delegation

Asynchronous JavaScript

Is Javascript a synchronous or asynchronous programming language ?


SetTimeout() with 0 millisecond

Callback Queue

SetInterval and create little project with setInterval

Understand callbacks in general

Callbacks in asynchronous programming

Callback Hell and Pyramid of doom

Intro to promises

Microtask Queue

Function that returns promise

Promise and settimeout

Promise.resolve and more about then method

Convert nested Callbacks to flat code using promises

Intro to Ajax, HTTP Request

XHR requests

Error handling in XHR requests

XHR request Chaining

Promisifying XHR requests and chaining using then method

Fetch API

Error Handling in Fetch API

Consume Promises with async and Await

Split code into multiple files using ES6 modules.


Now you know javascript in Great Details

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Learn everything about JavaScript & supporting libraries/frameworks