A2 Hosting, Cloud Hosting means a high-powered, developer-friendly, reliable, and scalable hosting solution. Scalable: Cloud Hosting — All A2’s shared hosting plans are supported by A2Optimized software

a2 hosting cloud hosting Plan

a2 hosting cloud hosting
  1. Better scalability
  2. Less chance of downtimes
  3. More customization options
Cloud Hosting
  Server Deployment & ManagementYes
  Server Sharing ModelPrivate Server
  Scalability (auto/manual)Yes
  CostFixed Costs
  SecurityMore Secure
  Root AccessYes

a2 hosting cloud hosting

Blazing Fast, Low Cost Web Hosting

  • Free High Availability – In the instance the node your VPS is on goes down , your account will automatically failover to another node. High availability provides the ultimate in reliability and redundancy!
  • Usage Based Billing – Turn it on. Turn it off. Pay only for what you use.
  • Re-size On Demand – If your needs fluctuate, you don’t have to contact our support team to change your resources. Re-size your Cloud VPS right from your My A2 Hosting account.